Thursday 16 September 2010

National Savings poster, 1970s

The artist here was Angus Rands (1922-85), a native of Ilkley whose mode of work was portraits of life in Yorkshire and the Dales. The point of this picture, showing the post office in the beautifully tranquil village of East Keswick near Wetherby, was that everyone, even those in remoter rural parts, could make use of the National Savings Bank via their local post office. The National Savings Bank, formerly known as The Post Office Savings Bank, came into being in 1969.

Ironically of course, as the photo above shows, the post office is no longer there and the building, now known as the Old Forge, has been turned into domestic accommodation.

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Jonathan Movley said...

Angus Rands is my late Grandfather. Its great to see his pictures, this one imp articular. He painted many post offices for National Savings in the 70's