Monday 27 October 2008

Ideas and suggestions welcome!

How would you represent the twentieth century countryside through objects? What items do you think we should add to our wish list for each decade of the century?

It might be a painting or a work of art that somehow expresses a mood of the time. It could be an everyday object that instantly connects with a particular era in the countryside. Perhaps it might be an object with a special story to tell, and a connection with an event or a person.

We could turn part of our focus on some of the iconic objects of the countryside that went on to have a much wider impact upon twentieth century culture. The Land Rover is an example. It originated in the 1940s as a no nonsense, all-purpose farm vehicle that could both work in the field and go off to market. By the end of the century it had become an upmarket style icon in town as well as country. How and why this became so is part of what the project is about.